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Dear farmer,

no matter wether you are looking for a buyer for your cattle or want to purchase quality cattle for your farm, HANDSCHLAG gives you a wide range of possibilities!

You'll find the right ads for your purposes here: Beef cattle, dairy cattle, male as well as female, crossbred cattle and top genetics. Our platform is characterized by its uncomplicated registration, the possibility of creating individual advertisements and fast purchase processing.

Just register, create ads and if you are interested in buying, contact the featured person. 

This is HANDSCHLAG: a modern solution for cattle trading on your farm.


Before we continue, there is some important information:

After uploading the ad, it will be reviewed by our staff. Afterwards the ad will be published. Please understand that we can only release the ads on working days and therefore the publication might be slightly delayed.

We will offer the platform for Lower Saxony and cannot accept ads from other states for processing reasons. Although we're working on a timely expansion.

There will be a fee of 20 € per ad when creating an offer in order to cover the administrative effort.

If you are interested in the purchase of an animal the process is easy. Contact our animal sales consultant and discuss all the processing details. The prices are all net prices. Possible transport costs are not included in the price and must be agreed upon individually. 

We recommend to take your time when placing an ad. You will increase the chances of a successful sale by a multiple when placing a high-quality ad paired with a realistic price conception. In case there won't be a sale, the ad will be switched off and you will receive an email about that.


Good luck on your cattle market. 




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Further services of MASTERRIND



With over 30 Holstein dairy cattle auctions per year, MASTERRIND is simply THE supplier for calved heifers, stud bulls, young cattle, cows but also for calves.


More than 7,000 beef cattles are marketed annually at the auctions at the Verden location.
The auction location offers the ideal platform for buyers and sellers.


MASTERRIND EXCLUSIVE - DIE AUKTION - Probably the most famous auction for special genetics in Germany!

Twice a year about 50 handpicked valuable animals are presented for sale at the hybrid auction.